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ZhiNeng Qigong also known as Wisdom Healing QiGong is an extremely powerful and effective system of healing. It was developed by Dr. Pang Ming, a legendary QiGong Grand Master, Western Medical Doctor, and TCM Doctor who established the HuaXia ZhiNeng QiGong Healing Centre, famously known in the west as the “Medicine-less Hospital”.  It was the largest of its kind in China where there were more than 7,000 students practicing every day. Doctor Pang’s rule at the centre was “if you are hungry, eat: If you are tired, sleep: Otherwise do ZhiNeng Qigong!”



Dr. Pang Ming

The HuaXia Centre had over 300.000 students (patients) visit the centre to work on their health. Dr Pang knew it was extremely important in the healing process to have no outside distractions, and stress. Family members, businesses and mobile phones were restricted. Only one trusted friend of a visitor was allowed to keep you in touch with the greater world at large. This combination of simple good food, daily healing and exercise and a really positive atmosphere brought about astonishing results. Most of the teachers in the Hospital had been cured there themselves and had stayed on to teach.


The success rate was over 95%. More than 3000 scientific reports about ZhiNeng have been published in China and in 1998 Dr. Pang Ming was the first person to receive a certificate of appreciation from the department of sports and health of the Chinese government. Of the eleven QiGong forms that have been researched, ZhiNeng QiGong is recognised as the most effective healing form.  


Due to political reasons beginning in 1999, the Chinese government began restricting QiGong as a whole throughout China, and forced the closure and disbandment of most Qigong hospitals, centres, and organizations. In 2001, the Chinese government permanently closed the Hua Xia Centre, but never outlawed the practice and teaching of ZhiNeng QiGong.  In fact, ZhiNeng QiGong level two - Body-Mind Form is now included in the official text book for teaching universities of Traditional Chinese Medicine, throughout China.


In a paper titled “Curing Cancers Naturally”, written by ZhiNeng QiGong Teacher Luke Chan he tells of his experience there and the video he made of a patient being healed of a bladder tumor within the matter of minutes.
















“During May 1995, while I was researching for my book, 101 Miracles of Natural Healing, I captured the image of a spontaneous remission of a bladder cancer on videotape at China’s largest medicine less hospital, the HuaXia Zhineng Qigong Center. The videotape made a great impression on those who viewed it. Subsequently, I received many requests to explain what is the theoretical background of such an incredible feat and most importantly, can it happen to people with cancers here in the United States? In this article, I will attempt to answer some of the questions.

More than 5,000 years ago, the Chinese discovered that there is a life force in nature known as chi (Qi) and they invented Qigong (Chi Kung) exercises to tap into this force for power, health, longevity, creativity, and enlightenment. Until 1980, the Qigong practices were kept secret within families and religious temples. However, during the eighties, many masters opened their Qigong secrets to the general public. Since that time, China had gone through a period of “one hundred flowers bloom simultaneously” as tens of millions people have learned different Qigong methods. Inevitably, some better organized and more effective methods have emerged from the crowd.

Now in the nineties, ZhiNeng Qigong, with eight million practitioners worldwide, is becoming one of the standard Qigong methods in China. Since 1988, Dr. Pang, a physician trained in both western and Chinese medicine, founded and directs the HuaXia Zhineng Qigong Center, the world’s largest medicine less hospital. At this hospital, self-healing human-body science–the new frontier of medicine–is being explored. Over the years the Center has treated more than 100,000 patients with 180 different diseases and has achieved an overall effective rate of 95 percent.

These were the published figures:-

15.20% cured: All symptoms gone; tests, x-rays, etc. show everything is normal

37.68% very effective: Symptoms almost gone, tests show great improvement

42.09% effective: Noticeable improvements, can eat and sleep well, and feels good

5.04% no effect, or worse


One of the illnesses treated at the Center is cancer. Dr. Pang has repeatedly reminded his students (patients are referred to as students since they are learning a self-healing art) that what is incurable in the modern medical practice doesn’t necessarily mean that a disease is incurable. He explained that when chi gathers matter appears, and when chi disperses, matter disappears. So when chi gathers in an abnormal way, cancer appears and when the abnormal gathering of chi disperses, the cancer dissolves. What is chi? Chi is colorless and shapeless and exhibits properties of matter, energy, and information (Shin See). Take, for example, a living cell: on one level it has a membrane and a nucleus; on another level it contains molecules, electrons, protons and neutrons; on yet another level it exhibits itself as energy. Finally it reaches a level in which it manifests itself not only as matter and energy, but also information: it is at the chi level. According to Dr. Pang, because chi contains information (Shin See), it listens to our wishes. Now if it is true that cancerous cells are made up of abnormal chi, and chi listens to our commands, can’t we simply order the chi to disperse so as to disintegrate the cancers?

This is exactly what the teachers in the ZhiNeng Qigong Center show the students how to do: order cancers to disappear in seconds! I was stunned to witness a bladder cancer melted away like an ice- cream cone in the sun when four ZhiNeng teachers simultaneously emitted chi into a student suffering from bladder cancer. During this process, the bladder cancer was being monitored ultrasonically by two western-trained doctors. I had captured this and several other spontaneous cancer healings on videotape. However, it didn’t work on everyone and the ZhiNeng teachers point out that they were conducting research on combining modern technology with ancient Qigong techniques, and the results must be considered inconclusive. However, for those whose cancers had disappeared, these were not research projects, but real healings.

Can you apply these techniques to heal yourself without going to China? Of course you can because chi is universal. However, because ZhiNeng is a self-healing art, you need to learn how to do it instead of relying on others to do it for you. Is it difficult to learn? No, because Dr. Pang designed the ZhiNeng movements with the understanding that many people who need help don’t have much time to learn. They need it now or never.”

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