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Chinese Medicine has the ability to resolve difficult and stubborn chronic diseases! 

The effectiveness of this medicine is dependent upon regular treatment, and cannot be over emphasised. 

During your initial consultation, R.J. Singer will conduct a comprehensive diagnosis, and design a specific treatment plan with an estimated timeframe, and cost to achieve your goals of health, and wellness. 

In China, patients are given a comprehensive diagnosis, and treatment plan, that consists of regular acupuncture treatments several times per week or more.  Herbal Formulas are prescribed with a weekly check up to monitor a patient's progress, and modify the prescription as needed to ensure an effective outcome.  

Specific QiGong exercises are taught to address the patient's particular health problems, along with food therapy recommendations and protocols.  

This is the proper way to practice Chinese Medicine, and when followed the outcomes are profound!


However, in Australia and most western countries, treatment consists primarily of 'band-aid' solutions.  People tend to seek treatment only after they have exhausted all forms of conventional medicine, and when they are in pain, or extremely ill, expecting their health problems to be completely resolved in as few treatments as possible.  Most often that being only one treatment per week for a very brief period of time.  

If you were to take western medication only one day per week, would you expect it to do anything?


So, why expect Chinese Medicine to work only once per week? 

We offer Total Health Recovery Treatment Programs which consist of a comprehensive diagnosis, followed by a detailed and complete treatment protocol with an estimated time frame to accomplish your specific goals! 


So, you can focus purely on healing, and benefit from the full effective power of Chinese Medicine. 

If you are truly ready to get your health back? We are confident, experienced and ready to help you. 

Call to make an appointment, and find out what we can do to get you back, enjoying your life again!