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Donations and "Paying it Forward":

Sometimes people need treatment, but have real financial hardship. We don't want lack of money to be the determining factor that keeps people from seeking treatment, and getting their health back on track. We are advocates of humanitarian and community contributionism, and in an ideal world would offer all of our services by donation. But, for now we can only offer this to those with truly difficult circumstances.

Therefore this Donation feature is for those who out of gratitude would like to "pay it forward" and help someone in a less fortunate situation receive regular treatment. Altruistic individuals can leave a note with your donation, assigning who you would like your donation to benefit; i.e a particular patient, an age group, a certain type of condition, etc. or you can choose to leave it anonymous. For those of you that choose to donate, on behalf of ourselves and a person in need, we are extremely thankful and truly humbled and honored by your big hearts!

Hun Yuan Ling Tong!

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