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Chinese Medicine is effective for many complex health conditions

If you’d like to keep your body in tune, then a full Chinese medical diagnosis is the solution. Meet with Dr R.J. Singer (Chinese Medicine) to discuss any of your concerns and to work out your risk factors to ensure you keep in great health.

Adults and Children see the doctor for a wide range of health conditions; from a case of the sniffles, to pain, and chronic illness.

Herbal medicine is the most widely used modality in Chinese medicine. It makes up 70% or more of treatment methods for health conditions in Chinese medicine hospitals and pharmacies. The remaining 30% consists of Acupuncture, Tuina, Diet Therapy, and DaoYin/QiGong. Chinese Herbal Medicine has been used for over 2,500 years. It has been evidence based tested, and meticulously researched and refined continuously over this time. Herbs consist mostly of plant material. There has been a lot of publicity recently of the amazing benefits and efficacy of many Chinese herbs and formulas, especially for Malaria and certain Cancers.  However, there has been a lot of scrutinising of Chinese Herbal Medicine due to the high levels of pollution, and corruption in China. All herbal medicines that R.J. uses are approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) of Australia, who require rigorous certification procedures to ensure safety and efficacy of imported herbal medicines. 

Additionally, R.J. Singer purchases all of his herbs from Taiwan, from suppliers that are leaders in quality and safety testing. All Herbal Medicines are hospital grade, and must pass strict standards and are tested for Species Authentication, Pesticide Residue, Heavy Metals, Sulfur Dioxide, Aflatoxin/Ochratoxin, and Aritolochic Acid. Furthermore, RJ does not support or condone the usage and trafficking of threatened and endangered species.  R.J. can offer documentation of quality control measures and testing to all patients upon request.

R.J. has vast experience in Chinese Herbal Medicine. He has spent many years beyond his university level training in Chinese Herbal Medicine, studying and continuously learning from some of the most renown Chinese Herbal Medicine Masters from China and Taiwan.


He is highly skilled at pulse diagnosis. In most circumstances, you don't need to tell him anything about your condition, he will find out and tell you. Chinese Pulse Diagnosis is revered, and considered the most accurate and critical diagnostic method in Chinese Medicine. Unfortunately, this science and art has been nearly lost, and has been passed on and retained by very few. Pulse diagnosis pinpoints exactly where and what conditions and problems a patient is suffering from, so a Chinese medicine prescription can be formulated to address your own unique health imbalances. 

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