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Ms Katrina Hillis      Kinesiologist     
                                                    Heal ^ Align ^ Activate

                                                           • Adv Diploma Neuro-Energetic Kinesiology - Hugo Tobar 
                                                           • Kinergetics Practitioner - Phillip Rafferty / Kylie Bryan
                                                           • Diploma Remedial Massage - Sydney Institute - Te Rowan
                                                           • Cert IV Relaxation/ Pregnancy Massage - Sydney Institute - Te Rowan
                                                           • Zhineng Qigong Teacher/ Therapist, China - Wei Qifeng
                                                           • Cert Energy Healing, Intuitive Wisdom
                                                           • Satyananda Yoga Student
                                                           • Usui Reiki Master - Jacqui Bushell
                                                           • Intuitive Tarot Coaching / Profiling - S Bain
                                                           • Astrology - M Laurenson ,S Bain, N McNamara
                                                           • Bachelor Design UTS, Visual Communication 

Katrina Hillis Alchemy Kinesiology Byron Bay

Katrina's area of special skills lay with treating all Neuro-Emotional related conditions such as long term stress, short term stress, anxiety, depression, fear, panic, anger, consciousness, confusion, sleep, addiction, sabotage, trauma, PTSD, all hormonal imbalances and core wounding - samskaras. Katrina's sessions works at a very deep level of your being - accessing soul level information for the deepest illumination and transformation. Each session is coded with the intention of raising your level of consciousness and expanding your soul.


Katrina assists her clients in personal transformation by balancing the stress held in the physical, emotional, biochemical and energetic structures and functions of the body. Each session is uniquely tailored for the individual and unwinds and removes the dysfunction in the systems of the body that cause pain, illness and negative patterns of behaviour. A series of Kinesiology sessions with Katrina enables the individual to re-connect with their true essence and experience maximum health, wellness and harmony.


Katrina has trained with many gifted healing masters who have helped her to align and anchor her soul's purpose. Intuitive, sensitive and empathic, information often comes through in clairvoyance (visuals) and clairsentience (direct knowing), clairaudience (hearing) and of course much information is revealed with Kinesiology muscle monitoring by allowing the body and the subconscious to talk. Katrina works across many modalities such as Kinesiology, Astrology, Intuitive Reading,  Bodywork, Zhineng Qigong Healing, Reiki, Tarot, Yoga, Meditation, Numerology and Energy Healing. She weaves this sacred knowledge together in her sessions to assist you towards your highest potential.

Katrina loves working with her clients to facilitate the changes they desire! Kinesiology lights up her world because of the results she has seen in her own life and in each of her colleagues and her clients! Katrina is caring, warm, gentle and supportive, she holds so much compassion in her heart for the unique struggles and challenging experiences we each go through at different times in our life.

Kinesiology is a gentle, safe, relaxing and non-invasive modality. The muscles of your body work as a bio-feedback system that allows communication with the subconscious mind, revealing both the location and the different stages of stress present. Kinesiology is empowering because it enables you to have conscious awareness of the root cause of your symptoms and the associated emotional  triggers. This awareness is an important and crucial part of the healing.


What her clients are saying 


I have seen Katrina for Kinesiology sessions this year specific to concussion. I have experienced reconnection and rebalance to life after trauma and found rapid transformation, insight and healing from her sessions that has supported me to grow and evolve in new directions with goals I am pursuing. I feel a greater sense of grounding, clarity and purpose. I highly recommend sessions with her.

Audante, NSW

Katrina’s kinesiology session have been helping me so much over the last 6 months. I’ve been extremely impressed on how much these sessions have worked on my personal life and it has been very comforting to have a follow-up, and see the improvements over the months. Overall, Katrina has helped me going through the most difficult grief, and helped me reconnect deeply with a member of my family. I could never thank her enough and I highly recommend anyone in need to give it a go :)

Delphine, NSW

I met Katrina four months ago and after the first session knew that it would be transformational. She was so gentle and caring and together we opened up my subconscious mind to discover some major limiting beliefs. I felt very safe and cared for and had some amazing sessions that have helped me find my centre, and redirect my energy into finding joy and happiness in my life. My time with Katrina was incredible and if you get the opportunity, you should let her work her magic. The new centre in Bangalow is also stunning- like walking into a magical 'home'.

Jacky, QLD

Katrina, I am so thankful to have found you- words can not describe the clarity, confidence and inner peace you have given me throughout our sessions. With each one I found more and more self awareness and assurance, which helped me know and love myself deeper. I initially booked in for a session because I felt energetically held back by my own limitations, unable to reach my potentials and truly believe in my self. I also felt unable to move on from past conflict. After the first session I felt lighter, more inside my body and more intuitive. Quickly, my life began to improve and knew this was exactly what I needed. I left the second session feeling like my mind had been cleared and the roles I had played for so long were freed. I began to know where to draw lines and what my boundaries were. I was strong enough to stand in them. The dynamics between myself and others who had hurt or manipulated me began to change and I was seeing who I was to people and who they were to me, the lens of my eyes were wiped clean. This was both confronting and profound. Since then, many relationships inside my life have shifted for the better. I came to understand that I had suppressed so much and have since allowed space for my past experiences to be set free. This feeling is like none other- and Katrina's kinesiology is truly life changing. She is an earth angel, I felt so at ease in her presence and that she truly cared for my healing. Thank you Katrina, because of you I am more myself than ever before!


Eden, NSW

Working with Katrina at Alchemy Wellness Centre has been a pure delight, she is kind, knowledgeable and incredibly caring. I love the research she puts into every visit prior to my arrival and she has opened my mind and health to so many healing modalities and the reasons why I am suffering some of the health conditions I have. 

Since early 2020 Katrina has worked with me on various occasions calming my mind and healing my body with great results in different areas. In January this year after a stressful start to 2021 my thyroid went into overdrive and was causing me to feel lethargic and tired all the time and quite depressed. My whole body felt like a tight red balloon holding onto anger and fear, my shoulders were up around my ears for so long that I feared they were stuck there due to stress. It only took one session with Katrina to feel like that balloon had let go, I had relaxed for the first time in weeks and I felt a sense of calm and direction again.. Although my Dr had wanted me to take thyroid medication to correct my imbalance, I felt that I could work with Katrina and her partner Dr RJ Singer a TCM Dr and bring my body back into balance. The next blood test I took 6 weeks later proved that I was back into a normal thyroid range which totally blew my Dr away and I know this was definitely due to my sessions with Katrina - she opened the doors to things that I didn't realise were holding me back. I will continue to work with her - in fact my body now goes into a total relaxed state the minute I lay on her therapy bed and she starts the treatment. It is more than just self-love it's the best healing your body can receive

Michelle, NSW

Katrina has supported me through one of the most tumultuous years of my life, specifically through deep grief, radical self-assessment, chronic pain dealing with endometriosis, PMDD and severe anxiety. Through a combination of kinesiology, sound therapy and aromatherapy, Katrina's treatment allowed me to process my grief, address and balance out energy blockages causing recurring anxiety and provide gentle relief from PMDD symptoms. It is extremely difficult to navigate life concerns such as these in a society that too often ignores the vulnerable, the holistic and the spiritual, consequently leaving you isolated without the appropriate guidance and support- but by having Katrina I had a space of understanding, trust and worth to go to no matter how difficult, painful, confusing or wild the journey got- and that was and continues to be an absolute gift. 


Ruby, NSW


Katrina is very gifted and intuitive and has taken me on an amazing journey of discovery. I had no idea what I wanted or needed but together we found the path! I HIGHLY recommend seeing her if there is ANY area of your life that needs change or even if you just want to be better, more alive, more connected. Thank you Katrina, you are incredible.

Rentia, NSW


I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer, after the initial shock of this diagnosis, I looked into what other therapies were available to support me on my journey.There was an instant connection with Katrina. Even though I live in Brisbane, I return to visit Katrina for Kinesiology sessions. My goal was to investigate possible causes for my diagnosis and to seek support for my wellness going forward. Fast forward 18 months later, I am a different person mentally and physically and could not be more happier with my new self. My Kinesiology sessions were and continue to be a great support for my journey. I feel like a tremendous weight has been lifted off my shoulders and this weight had been there well before my diagnosis. This is all thanks to the lovingly warm, healing hands of Katrina. She is a shining light, who is always creating and learning more ways to bring happiness and health to her patients.


Angela, QLD


Thank you for everything. You've helped fix me. Feeling amazing and very balanced. Work is changing. My relationship is great. I no longer have anger. I sure know where to come back to if anything changes. Thank you again. I truly appreciate it so much.


Fin, NSW



I can't thank Katrina enough for my wonderful Kinesiology Intensive. I arrived completely physically and mentally exhausted - she has worked with me to feel well again. I am so grateful and would thoroughly recommend her services.

Sandra, QLD



I booked my self in for a reading and a Kinesiology treatments with Katrina and I absolutely LOVED both experiences to the max :) I highly recommend the Alchemy Wellness Centre 10/10.

Sami, VIC


People come to see Katrina for Kinesiology to address the following issues :

• anxiety • depression • short term stress • long term stress • worry • burn-out • panic attacks

• work and career stress • confusion • fear • anger issues • PTSD • abandonment • addictions

• unhealthy eating patterns • self worth issues • cancer • self care issues • physical trauma

• emotional trauma • soul retrieval • boredom • core wounding • spiritual and ancestral trauma

• heart walls • energetic hooks • unhealthy energetic chords • obsessive compulsive OCD

• overthinking • diabetes • negative energy frequencies • self sabotages • negative beliefs

• phobias • thirst • karmic patterns • ungrounded / unstable • disconnected • cravings • abuse

• bad habits • sleep disturbances • night terrors • insomnia • waking issues • lethargy • irritability

• career blockages • performance anxiety • emotional instability • hatred • creative blocks •shock

• dysfunctional patterns of behaviour • financial issues • sadness • sexual issues • low self worth • broken hearted • boundary issues • incontinence • relationship struggles • divorce/separation

• death of loved one / pet • cold and flu • power issues • communication problems • ADHD

• spiritual blocks • life path struggles • past life stress • samskaras - core woundings • migraines

• chakra imbalances • perfectionism • 'not belonging' • smoking • excessive drinking • asthma

• digestive issues • hormonal imbalances • menstruation issues • difficult conception • PMS

• cough • pineal gland -melatonin stress • traumatic birth • post natal depression • life crisis

• menopause  • thyroid imbalances • thymus imbalance • adrenal fatigue • dry skin • parasites

• specific immune issues • general immune issues • cancer recovery • viral issues • headaches

• toxicity overload • bacterial infections • chronic fatigue • poor memory • TMJ disorders

• psychological issues - conscious, sub conscious, unconscious • brain issues  • postural issues

• mental confusion • learning difficulty • chronic and acute pain • recovery from operation / injury

• pain and stress held in bones, joints, muscles, ligaments, fascia, sutures, joints, skin, hair etc

• physiological stress and dysfunction in all major body systems, glands and channels of body.

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