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Learn ZhiNeng QiGong in Byron Bay, Australia!

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What is your purpose in learning and practicing QiGong?

This is an extremely important question, that most people rarely ask themselves before seeking a teacher! 


There are many different styles of QiGong, each focusing on the  development of specific goals.  Some styles focus on internal power for martial arts, such as hard QiGong.  Others emphasize spiritual development through practices of specific philosophical lineages, such as Buddhist, Taoist and Confuscian. Some focus on longevity and health preservation. Others focus on strengthening the physical body; a particular part of the body, or resolving a specific condition. 

All QiGong is good, but some are more effective than others depending upon what you want to accomplish.

Keeping that in mind, ask yourself, "What are my goals? "

Once, you know the answer to this question, you can find the most effective style to accompllish them.  

Unfortunately, most QiGong these days is taught just learning a physical form, or dance like movement. There is very little emphasis on developing awareness of Qi, strengthening Consciousness, and gradual improvement of the Body, Mind, and Spirit. 

After many years of training in, and teaching different styles of QiGong. We have decided to teach primarily ZhiNeng QiGong.  The reason is simple, from our experience, we find it to be the most effective QiGong for resolving difficult health conditions.  


It is taught in a scientific manner, that when followed step by step has expected results that are repeatable.  Throughout every level, even the most basic, emphasis is placed on raising and developing consciousness.  It has a clear path of development, with achievable goals that are apparent. 

ZhiNeng QiGong is organized like a pyramid:

First build a strong foundation: Repair the Physical body and Focus Consciousness. Then gradually move upward through the Pyramid.






RJ Singer and Katrina Hillis have undergone many years of QiGong training. They are officially recognised and certified ZhiNeng QiGong teachers and healers, having trained intensively in China with high level teachers from the Hua Xia Centre (Medicine-less Hospital) whom were taught directly by Dr. Pang. They offer private healing and teaching sessions, as well as organized courses and retreats teaching the healing methods and theories, levels 1 - 3, and some of the later methods created by Dr. Pang.

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ZhiNeng QiGong
Healing Workshop 

   RJ is currently taking a break from teaching to focus solely on his patients. 

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