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Feng Shui in Byron Bay

• A Feng Shui audit may include: Onsite Examination, Flying Star Chart, Yi Jing, BaZi, Qi Men Dun Jia, Report of Findings, and Recommendations


• Prices vary according to size, complexity, number of levels &  occupants, home or business. 

•  Contact for a Quote 

Feng Shui is commonly thought of as the art of placement and arrangement. It's original meaning relates to finding and optimizing a location for cultivating life and fertility, and therefore prosperity. 


Feng Shui is actually an art and science of recognizing information both affecting one’s psychology and reflecting one’s psychology.  It is one’s psychology that affects different degrees of resilience and prosperity or lack there of. Feng Shui is not based on superstition, nor is ‘real’ Feng Shui about placing lucky charms, crystals, candles, wind chimes, etc. throughout a building to cure it. 


When the information of a building and its occupants is identified, it can reveal the beliefs, stumbling blocks, fixations, and limitations hidden deep within one’s subconscious.  Once identified through a Feng Shui audit and consultation, new information can be designed through the ‘art of placement and arrangement’.  This can catalyse change deep within a person’s subconscious resulting in better mental clarity, balanced emotions, improved physical health, and smoother and more successful relationships for all occupants, be they individuals, families, and/or business. 


Feng Shui is suitable for new or pre-existing homes (owners and renters), business owners, managers and employees, as well as sighting the optimal location in terms of acreage, apartments, shops, and investment properties.  


RJ Singer is a practitioner of Classical Feng Shui, which includes the Flying Star and Compass/Form schools, BaZi, Yi Jing, and Qi Men Dun Jia. 

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