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We offer many Free QiGong videos with exercises specific to particular health conditions. 


All of our videos have links with a description of the benefits of each exercise and how to perform them correctly. 


You can find a link to these here:

You can also subscribe to our YouTube Channel: Zhineng Qigong Australia 


by clicking here:

In addition to the Free Videos, we provide Audio recorded Lessons and Healings.

By following along to the audio recordings, you will experience a strong Qi Field. This will assist healing and help you to experientially practice ZhiNeng QiGong in a deep state and correctly. 

These recording are similar to being in a classroom or treatment room.  Since most ZhiNeng QiGong is done with the eyes closed, these audio recordings are an ideal way to practice.  You can access the audio files by clicking here:!/Guided-ZhiNeng-QiGong-QiField-Practices-%26-Healings-Download-Instant-mp3/c/19955285/offset%3D0%26sort%3Dnormal

You may feel confused about where to start, and which exercises and lessons are best for your particular condition.


Typically, we recommend people begin with Primary exercises, and add Secondary exercises for particular conditions.

We recommend everyone start with the La Qi, Qi Field Healing Below:!/ZhiNeng-QiGong-LaQi-Qi-Field-Healing-1-hour/p/67889757/category%3D19955285

La Qi practice is the foundation method of ZhiNeng QiGong. It is used in nearly every technique, especially during level one practice. It develops sensitivity to Qi, and one's ability to Merge and Transform with external Original Hun Yuan Qi. This is a key component of healing, and strengthening consciousness. 

Other Primary exercises include:

1). ZhiNeng QiGong Wall Squats.

Click here:!/Wall-Squat-Practice-%26-Healing-1-hour/p/67983194/category%3D19955285

2). ZhiNeng QiGong Level One, Lift Qi Up Pour Qi Down:

Click here:!/ZhiNeng-QiGong-Level-1-Lift-Qi-Up-Pour-Qi-Down/p/68324650/category%3D19955285

If you have trouble standing, then choose one of the seated, or lying exercises as an accompanying Primary exercise to the La Qi practice.

There are many secondary practices and additional levels of practice specific to different health conditions. 


You can find the ones that are just right for you by scrolling through the videos listed in the first link at the top of this page.


If you have additional questions and concerns, or still feel lost about what is right for you, and where to begin. 


Please contact us by email.  We are here to help!

We hope you benefit greatly from these videos and recordings.

Wishing you abundant Qi, health, and longevity .  .  .


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