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•   Private Sessions

•   QiGong Healing with Acupuncture

•   QiGong Retreats (Click Here to learn more)

ZhiNeng QiGong Medicine is based on a science that all aspects in existence can be categorized as being either: Matter (form), Energy (formless), or Information. All three aspects are in a constant state of merging and transforming together. When Qi gathers it consolidates and Matter appears. When Qi disperses, Matter disappears.  It is the Information that guides and dictates how this gathering and dispersing, merging and transforming takes place. 


QiGong uses movement, breath, sound, and consciousness to mobilize Qi.  Some styles of QiGong emphasize movement more, breath more, sound more, or consciousness more.  In ZhiNeng QiGong all are used, but Consciousness is always emphasized because as stated earlier, information is what guides Qi and Matter.  If one understands and develops their ability to mobilize Qi, they can easily heal themselves.


In a healing session patients are guided and taught specific methods, theory, and exercises to heal themselves at the root cause of the problem.  Most chronic problems are rooted deep in the subconscious, and true healing only occurs with a change to these deeply rooted and hidden beliefs.

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