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  • ZhiNeng QiGong Australia at the Alchemy Wellness

Weekly ZhiNeng QiGong Class - begins Wednesday December 9, 2015 at 6:30pm

Practice together, experience a strong Qi Field, and learn the ZhiNeng QiGong healing method to heal yourself of pain, illness, and disease.

Meet at the Alchemy Wellness Centre, and practice outdoors in a beautiful parkland at the Byron Holiday Park.

Only $25/person, open to everyone and all levels of experience.

Please contact Alchemy Wellness Centre Byron Bay to confirm you will attend.

Tel: (02) 6685 7577 or visit our website

These classes will be taught by R.J. Singer, and assisted by Katrina Hillis. R.J. is a highly regarded QiGong healer and teacher. He will guide participants into a strong Qi Field and teach them step by step in how to use the ZhiNeng QiGong healing method that were used at the famed Hua Xia Centre (medicine-less hospital) in China.

R.J. Singer and Katrina Hillis are internationally recognised and certified ZhiNeng QiGong Teachers and Healers

Students will learn:

• How to organize a Qi Field

• Gather external Hun Yuan Qi, and strengthen Internal Hun Yuan Qi.

• Use Qi Medicine for healing yourself and others

• Deeply practice Lift Qi Up, Pour Qi Down correctly, using consciousness

• Hun Yuan Entirety Theory

• Complimentary exercises, such as La Qi, 3 Centres Standing Meditation, and Static Methods.

• Develop a pure mind state, and maintain it in daily life

ZhiNeng (Wisdom Healing) QiGong is well known in China and around the word as one of the most effective systems for healing, and developing human potential. It was developed by Dr Pang, He-Ming, and was used in the famed HuaXia "Medicine-less" hospital where their were no such thing as patients - only students. At the HuaXia Centre, hundreds of thousands of people were healed of every illness imaginable.

The expansion of consciousness is the vehicle used for healing and specific exercises are taught to loosen and relax the spine, open the joints and ligaments, stabilize the emotions, and expand consciousness. A step by step approach is used in a scientific manner to teach you how to effectively heal yourself of pain, illness, disease, and emotional disorders. This healing method is extremely powerful and effective, taking the QiGong state to a deeper and more profound level.

Call now to confirm your space in the class.

Tel: (02) 6685 7577 or visit our website

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