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2017 Year of the Yin Fire Rooster - Change is gonna come . . .

The year of the Yang Fire Monkey is in its final month, and what an amazing year of change and transformation it has been. For many people it has been a challenging year of conflict, and upheaval. But, change is rarely easy and comfortable.

We have a few more weeks left of the Fire Monkey during the month of the Yin Metal Ox, which means there are still a few tricks up the old monkey's sleeve before the Chinese Lunar New Year occurs on January 28. The month of January being the Yin Metal Ox at the end of the Yang Fire Monkey year, adds up to a lot of Metal, in conflict with Yang Fire! That means the month of January will be ripe with the extremes of this relationship. The positive side is enlightenment of inner truths, but the negative aspect is that it may bring light upon the ugly, cold, and darker aspects of humanity, especially in terms of politics. Scandal will be rife, secrets will be revealed, and that may cause a lot of backlash. Which is all a great set up for the energy of the Yin Fire Rooster that comes into full effect on February 3, 2017 at 7:33pm to be exact.

The new year is a continuation of 2016’s Fire - Metal relationship, but it is a yin aspect rather than a yang one. The Yang Fire Monkey was full of surprises and tricks. The Monkey is similar to the Native American Coyote - the ultimate mischievous trickster. The Yin Fire Rooster should be much more straight forward, with fewer tricks and surprises. Generally speaking it is symbolic of optimism, innovation and progress. That is not to say it will be a peaceful year by any means, rather it means there will be many ideas, innovations, and progressive movements to face the continued challenges that have come to the surface in 2016.

Yin Fire is a very sensitive element, it can be symbolized as a candle, that flickers unstably with the slightest breeze. It illuminates the darkness, but can also ignite an explosion. Yin fire represents the heart, and inner vision. It is expressed emotionally as joy, open-heartedness, kindness, and innovation, but because it is extremely sensitive it also manifests as moodiness, anxiety, nervousness, suspicion, or even paranoia, when extremely out of balance. Yin fire is not as hot tempered as yang fire, however it builds up energy over time and its anger is more explosive and destructive than that of yang fire. Yin fire also has the ability to transform other elements, like a welding torch, cooking flame, or Bunsen burner. This will be another remarkably transformational year. There will be increased conflict between the old/current systems, and that of movements/visions for something new, and different.

The Rooster is a yin metal element, it represents an outer beauty like that of precious jewellery. The rooster also likes to strut and can be very charming and attractive. Internally it symbolises precision, perfection, righteousness, and justice. Because of this it can appear as something very beautiful and alluring on the outside and simultaneously be perceived as cold in its matter of fact, black and white (no shades of grey) outlook. Justice can be right, but it isn’t always kind.

Fire acting upon the Rooster metal element also represents inner refinement, alchemy, scholarly pursuits, and creative expressions of beauty. We can expect some amazing breakthroughs in science, and brilliant expressions through works of art, and music. Fire melts and transforms Metal. While this can result in something innovative, and beautiful with increased strength, it can also be very conflictive and volatile. We can expect this to be the global theme of 2017. There is still a lot yet to be uncovered and revealed in 2017. The old guard is being challenged, and will be forced to change! Righteousness and Justice will be intense themes at times, both the positive and negative sides. Activism, Fundamentalism, Nationalism, and all manners of righteous expressionism will appear in explosive and violent intervals through out the year.

In terms of health, yin fire represents the heart, cardiovascular system, central nervous system, and the eyes. The rooster being yin metal, represents the lungs, and the skin. Therefore diseases of the heart, blood, nervous system, lungs and skin will be intensified.

Since, this is a year of fire burning metal, we can expect an increase in skin rashes, eczema, psoriasis, flu epidemics, etc. Preventative measures should be taken, especially for those that have a history of these related health conditions.

I know I always recommend QiGong, and Meditation, but I must stress it even more so than in previous years. Emotions will be high, and explosive, those that practice a method to still the mind will have better ability in coping and preventing pain, illness, and dis-ease. The vast majority of the fire-metal diseases arise and intensify with stress, and emotions. Let things go, so they don't build up and erupt into something explosive and volatile.

Slow gentle movements that promote blood circulation without stressing the heart too much will prevent many problems. And if one spends time daily doing this type of exercise with internal observation, they will strengthen their nervous system.

There are many methods, techniques, and styles to choose from. I encourage everyone to do something that they enjoy, whether it is swimming, gymnastics, calisthenics, pilates, yoga, acrobatics, qigong, tai chi, or a host of many other things. But, whatever it is try to do it in a relaxed and internally observant manner, and when you finish enjoy the stillness and try to retain that state throughout the day.

For those that are interested in learning QiGong and meditation, RJ & Katrina will be starting our weekly ZhiNeng QiGong class on Wednesday February 8 at 6:30pm. The focus will be on learning the healing method that was used at the Hua Xia Centre in China, also known as the Medicine-less Hospital.

For more information, or to express your interest, please contact us by telephone or via the website:


Alchemy Wellness Centre is located in Byron Bay, NSW Australia RJ Singer is a registered Acupuncturist, and Chinese Medicine Doctor with AHPRA and AACMA. He is also a highly regarded QiGong Healer and Teacher, and Feng Shui Consultant. RJ’s area of special interest is in the treatment of stubborn and difficult chronic disease, and all types of painful conditions. Katrina Hillis is a registered Remedial & Relaxation Massage Therapist with AMT, and Kinergetics Kinesiologist who specialises in helping people overcome emotional issues and life transitions working holistically to balance the body, mind and spirit.

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