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Surgery, the Ultimate Placebo! Many surgeries are unnecessary, offering only a placebo remedy - acc

Too many patients have come to me because they were rushed to have a surgical operation before seeking a second opinion from a Chinese Medical Doctor, and find they could have had a better outcome seeing me for treatments pre-surgery and post-surgery. And a large proportion of these people that have undergone surgery, find the problem remains, or is even exacerbated!

In my experience, the majority of patients that come to see me for the advised treatment protocol have such effective outcomes that surgery is rarely necessary. In fact, in the majority of cases I see, the surgery could have been avoided altogether.

I recently read an article about a new book entitled 'Surgery, the Ultimate Placebo' where orthopaedic surgeon, Ian Harris believes millions of healthcare dollars are wasted on operations that may not work, are unnecessary, and should be prevented. I found it to be extremely informative and an excellent read for anyone thinking they may need surgery. He believes the most common surgeries that are most often unnecessary to be SPINAL FUSIONS, KNEE ARTHROSCOPY, CORONARY STENTS, and APPENDIX REMOVAL.

Additionally, many people that have sought my advice before having surgery, have been persuaded so strongly to undergo it, they don't follow my advised treatment protocol, and undergo surgery too soon. There is no doubt that some surgeries are necessary. What most people don't realize, is that you have plenty of time to try something else. I can usually tell from the first visit whether a patient needs surgery, or not. Most patients have an immediate and effective response during the first treatment. If they do not, that often means there is structural degeneration, and surgery may be a viable option. In this circumstance, acupuncture, Chinese medicine, and certain exercises can strengthen the body, improve oxygen, nutrition, and blood flow to the affected area, so that when a surgery is conducted, the patient has an optimal outcome. Follow up treatments after surgery, ensure a faster and more effective recovery with less scar tissue, increased mobility, lessened pain, reduced bruising, and a reduction in other associated complications with the trauma of surgery, such as nerve damage and trapped dead blood. Because surgery is an extreme form of trauma in itself, it often causes other problems down the line, which can easily be avoided with proper treatment by a qualified and registered acupuncturist, and Chinese medicine practitioner.

If you are considering surgery, why not book a consultation with me, and see what other options are available. To book an appointment contact RJ Singer - Bangalow Taoist Acupuncture at Alchemy Wellness Centre.

To read the full article referenced above, click here.

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