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Don't let the sniffles, get you down. Chinese Herbal Medicine can knock out cold's, and flu&

At some point, we all succumb to the common cold or flu. It often starts with a change in weather, a tickle in the throat, a slight sniffle, may be head and sinus congestion. If not taken care of it can quickly progress to fever, body aches, fatigue, nausea, coughing, phlegm, pain, and difficulty breathing.

But, did you know Chinese Herbal Medicine is amazing at quickly expelling the pathogen and alleviating the symptoms? In most cases, if Chinese Herbal Medicine is taken as soon as the first little signs start, it is quickly resolved, with little to no manifestation of symptom progression. This often works quickly, within 24 to 72 hours, after first experiencing those early signs and symptoms.

Most people ignore the early signs, and the illness progresses rapidly, and often lasts 5 days to 2 weeks, and sometimes much longer. If ignored, this can cause long term problems such as a lingering cough, wheezing, joint pain, a weakened immune system, chronic fatigue, or even life threatening conditions such as pneumonia.

Chinese Herbal Medicine has been used for thousands of years, and refined through evidence based trial and error, and scholarly discourse. It is a living medicine used in hospitals through out China and often integrated with Western Medicine. The properties of Chinese Herbal Medicine have not gone unnoticed by pharmaceutical companies. Many of which employ the brightest graduates in Chinese Herbal Pharmacology to try to find and isolate chemicals from Chinese Herbal Medicine with historical usages to develop and manufacture new pharmaceutical drugs. One recent example is the Chinese Herb Qing Hao (Herba Artemisiae Annuae) commonly known as sweet wormwood. Qing Hao has traditionally been used to treat malaria, and other signs and symptoms such as fevers, rashes, headaches and dizziness within the diagnostic tradition of Chinese Medicine. Pharmacologists isolated compounds from Qing Hao known as Artimesinins, which have been used since 1973 to develop many anti-malarial drugs.

When I interned in the Traditional Chinese Medicine department at the National Tibetan Hospital in Beijing, many of the Doctors shared their experience in treating the SARS epidemic years earlier with Chinese Herbal Medicine. It was so successful that the Chinese government endorsed and encouraged the Chinese Centre for Disease Control and Prevention to administer Chinese Herbal Medicine as stand alone, and adjunct therapy.

It is also widely known that antibiotic drug resistance is growing through out the world with very few alternatives being developed. Some Chinese Herbal Medicine has been shown in studies to be an effective substitute for Western antibiotics for some viral diseases. Chinese Herbal Medicine is also very effective in treating bacterial conditions, where Western antibiotics are ineffective.

A comprehensive diagnosis by a qualified Chinese Herbal Medicine Doctor is necessary to ensure you are prescribed the most effective medicine to treat your illness. Colds, and Flu’s develop quickly, with differing signs and symptoms. A prescription in the early stages may be very different to one prescribed after the illness has progressed deeper into the body. For example, a fever, and itchy throat will need a different herbal prescription than that of a lingering cough with hot sticky phlegm, and so forth.

For best results, it’s always best to prescribe Chinese Herbal Medicine at the earliest stage possible. While it is a great medicine for nearly any condition, it is always much easier to rectify small problems before they become big problems.

Dr R.J. Singer uses primarily Chinese herbal extracts, which are much more convenient than having to cook raw herbs everyday. No burning, no mess, no smells filling up the house, no waiting around, easy to carry with you, if need be. Just add hot water to a couple of spoonfuls, and its ready to use.

Rest assured that he prescribes the highest quality possible. Do to pollution, and corruption in China, Dr. Singer sources his Chinese Herbal Medicine only from Taiwan, from suppliers that are leaders in quality and safety testing. All Herbal Medicines must pass strict standards and are tested for Species Authentication, Pesticide Residue, Heavy Metals, Sulfur Dioxide, Aflatoxin/Ochratoxin, and Aritolochic Acid. Furthermore, he does not support or condone the usage and trafficking of threatened and endangered species. He can offer documentation of quality control measures and testing to all patients upon request.

Dr. R.J. Singer is a registered Chinese Herbal Medicine Doctor, and Chinese Herbal Pharmacy Dispenser with AHPRA; Registration Number: CMR0001895483



Alchemy Wellness Centre Byron Bay, Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Kinesiology, Massage, Qigong

Alchemy Wellness Centre is located in Byron Bay, NSW Australia

RJ Singer is a registered Acupuncturist, and Chinese Medicine Doctor with AHPRA and AACMA. He is also a highly regarded QiGong Healer and Teacher, and Feng Shui Consultant. RJ’s area of special interest is in the treatment of stubborn and difficult chronic disease, and all types of painful conditions. Katrina Hillis is a Kinergetics Kinesiologist, and a registered Remedial & Relaxation Massage Therapist with AMT, who specialises in helping people overcome emotional issues and life transitions working holistically to balance the body, mind and spirit.

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